Transformation Recovery

On a recent assignment for a major public sector organisation, we used Tensense’s digital workforce diagnostics to uncover the sentiment of the employees, suppliers and major stakeholders across a diverse and complex ecosystem spanning many organisations and locations. It wouldn’t have been logistically possible otherwise. We are so pleased with this solution, that it’s become an integral part of our approach.


Stepping in new to an existing 3-year digital transformation programme

The client had instigated a transformation programme over 3 years before we stepped in. Despite mobilising a significant team and a number of key technology projects, they struggled to achieve traction with their diverse set of stakeholders. The credibility of the programme and the programme leadership was in danger of being irreversibly lost. They wanted our help to understand what they needed to do to recover their transformation.


Tensense reached a dispersed workforce across 40+ sites

A key differentiator in Outvie’s approach is our drive to uncover what’s really going on in an organisation, informed by the stories that people tell us at every level of that organisation. We call this the organisational truth, which is often unspoken, unheard and unseen.

We regularly work with organisations that have thousands of employees. That’s thousands of voices to be heard, which means that interviewing every member of the organisation is not possible. That’s where Tensense’s diagnostic solution has helped us to solicit the sentiment of an entire organisation, even if that’s tens or even hundreds of thousands of voices, in hours not days. We are so pleased with this solution, that it’s become an integral part of our approach.

Outvie carried out diagnostics through a number of conversational interviews with the senior leadership and various stakeholder groups in the wider eco-system and deployed Tensense Pulse on a representative sample of the circa 5000 workforce across 40+ locations throughout England and Wales.


Clear interventions established for the transformation to ensure far greater likelihood of success

The combined findings enabled us to successfully identify a number of key structural and cultural interventions required to address issues with leadership and workforce engagement, design, behaviour change and transition management, to recover the ailing transformation.