Price Bailey

Accelerating Business Growth

With Tensense, we have been able to massively accelerate our journey to success. Implementing the insights and intelligence the platform provides on an ongoing basis is a critical aspect of our strategy


Becoming a leading player through growth and acquisition

Price Bailey is a leading firm of chartered accountants and business advisers serving local SMEs, private clients and regional, national and international businesses. They have been using Tensense software solution for over seven years and since the outset have had three objectives:

  • Driving rapid revenue growth
  • Maintaining the unique aspects of what has made them successful as they grow
  • Unlocking full business potential to become leading players in their field
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Harnessing the power of Tensense

To help them meet these strategic goals, the management team at Price Bailey use Tensense on a regular basis to focus on:

  • Uncovering performance issues
  • Monitoring organisational health
  • Improving operational efficiency


Massively accelerating business growth

As a direct result of using Tensense, not only has Price Bailey become one of the best places to work, they also increase their annual revenue growth significantly year on year.

  • Increasing annual revenues by £5m, from £20m to £25m in 2 years
  • Becoming a Sunday Times Top 100 Company