Vodafone _VOIS

This insight is game-changing

This is by far the most impressive set of data on our company I have ever seen. I have never seen something so simple and yet so accurate that we can do something with


How to step change customer service culture

The Director of the Customer division of Vodafone _VOIS needed to find a way to significantly improve the customer satisfaction rates for the UK business.


Revealing organisational health and understanding team drivers

Deployment of Tensense.ai over a 12 month period picked up issues before they were reflected in poor sales, resulting in a re-invigorated focus on the customer.

The speed, focus and level of insight generated by the software provided the Vodafone leadership team with a new found clarity and insight. They knew which areas to focus on first, surfaced previously unseen issues and received guidance on what to do about it.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

• Significantly improved customer feedback scores

• Surfaced road blocks that would have caused underperformance

• More integrated and aligned Customer Services division

• Created a robust accountability process