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It’s innovative

As a business consultancy, you understand the importance of making sense of complex data and processes to help your clients improve their operations. Tensense is a cutting-edge product that will differentiate your offering from regular consultancies.  Partnering with Tensense gives you:

  • Discovery phase automation
  • Much quicker data collection
  • Real time alerts
  • Additional consultancy opportunities

The science

Organisational Sensemaking™ operates like a virtual ‘canary in the coalmine’, as emerging threats or opportunities are brought to your attention quickly so you can confidently alert your client.  The goal is to improve decision-making, increase efficiency and drive better business outcomes. 

It is deployed (via email or MS Teams) using 16 light-touch, scientifically directed questions which are answered by employees every month. The answers provide critical insights and uncover the ‘real story’. This is real-time data which means that leaders can make targeted decisions quickly and efficiently.

What it means

  • Provide valuable insights and recommendations to your clients based on data-driven analysis.​ 
  • Save time and effort by automating data collection and analysis tasks.​ 
  • Stay ahead of the competition by offering a new data set.   
  • Improve client satisfaction by delivering more accurate and meaningful results.​ 
  • Expand your services by offering a new and innovative solution to clients. 

“As somebody who supports business leaders in managing change, Tensense gets you to the truth faster than anything that I’ve seen.”

Matt Jenkins, Business ConsultanT

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