How to make sense of your organisation in times of extreme uncertainty

A free webinar with Tensense’s very own Chief Scientific Officer on how to make sense of your organisation in times of extreme uncertainty

About this Event

Who are we talking to?

We will be chatting with our very own Chief Scientific Officer (and official clever clogs!) Dr. Mike Carter about how to understand how your business is performing right now and why this is so important in these extreme, uncertain times.

Who is Dr. Mike Carter?

A sharp cookie! And interesting too!

He is a specialist in the leadership of organisational change and holds a doctorate from the University of Bath.

He has consulted in most developed countries of the world for organisations that have included: ING Bank, The Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the NHS, EMI Music, Universal Music & Gillette.

What does he know about Sensemaking?

What doesn’t he know?

Mike has conducted research in the area of Organisational Sensemaking since 1988 and was appointed a Fellow of the University of Bath in 2005 and the University of Exeter in 2008. He has taught on numerous MBA, MSc  and executive development programmes in the areas of leadership and organisational change in the UK, US, Malaysia and Greece. 

He co-authored the winning 2014 international research paper of the year in Human Relations and between 2014– 2016 he led a UK government grant aided research project with the University of Bath, the findings of which helped him create Tensense’s diagnostic tool.

Need we say more?!

What has all this research led to?

A fancy new diagnostic tool to help businesses all over the world!

Based on 30 years of research with colleagues at the Universities of Bath and Cardiff Mike modelled a unique diagnostic approach some 6 years ago. This new approach was supported by government grant funding and was validated through a dedicated university research project led by Professor Ian Colville and Professor Brian Squire, Deputy Dean, University of Bath.

Why is it important to know how your business is doing right now?

In this rapidly changing, uncertain world, business leaders are under constant pressure to know what is happening across their organisations. What if there was a way of getting real-time signals to help diagnose which areas need focus now?

Dr. Mike Carter talks us through the science of Sensemaking and how it can help leaders to cut through the noise and get clarity about your business’s health and how it is performing right now.

So come and join us!

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Footdown's Dr. Mike Carter