Critical human capital context for analytics

Tensense completes your business understanding by generating the insight into organisational health and behaviours that is currently missing. Structured to combine with existing business data, its advanced interpretive capabilities surface issues and opportunities that allow leaders to make better, faster decisions.

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Support for effective decisions

For an Executive Leadership to prioritise their decision making effectively, they need to see all their critical information in one place.

But the information available to today’s leadership is incomplete, disconnected and therefore isn’t sufficiently predictive.

There is a human capital information gap too: how to convert behavioural complexity into the organisational-level clarity that enables financial performance to be compared against the effectiveness of the group responsible for it.

Such data is not available from existing operational HR or Employee Experience tools and, worryingly, it is only with the complete picture is it clear that you are focused on the right things to maximise business performance.

  • Tensense indicates how and where workforce behaviours and health are affecting performance.
  • It provides an understanding of the implementation risks associated with any business decision or change initiative, such as the move to hybrid working.
  • The software highlights dysfunctions resulting from transformational change or poor M&A integration.
  • Tensense uncovers any hidden secrets about the organisation that might prevent a ‘Volkswagen moment’.

How Tensense works

Basis in Organisational Sensemaking™

Underpinning Tensense are the principles of the science of Sensemaking. Sensemaking provides ‘just enough’ critical information to be able to act without over-relying on the past, or being overwhelmed with too much data.

Organisational Sensemaking has it origins in analysing large-scale tragic events where lives are threatened to better understand how situations escalate, mitigating risk for future events. Applied in a business context, it enables leaders to quickly assimilate they story of what is happening in the business in order to focus on the right things to maximise performance.

Applying Organisational Sensemaking™ to offer advice to businesses and organisations through software is unique. It adds a breadth and depth beyond what humans are capable of reliably exploiting when trying to comprehend large, interdependent environments – especially those facing new or fast-moving situations.

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The Tensense Pulse Platform

Tensense Pulse lets you gather, analyse and report back the information that will help you get a clear view of your organisation’s performance right now.

The software can be used as a standalone diagnostic or integrated into any Business Intelligence (BI) tool as the human capital context for analytics.

Tensense uses its proprietary approach and a client’s collaboration tool of choice to collect and interpret consistent and regular data inputs from employees that tap in to their intuitive knowledge of the business.

  • Measure: Our simple single-survey questioning approach gathers instinctive bias-free insights from your employees in under 2 minutes.
  • Analyse: Using recognised management theory to guide it, the software joins the dots to interpret and give context to the data, highlighting what’s important.
  • Report: Graphics and simple reports make it possible to dive deeper, explore and prioritise issues.
  • Export: Use our API to export data easily into any Business Intelligence tool or Digital Twin model, structured to be compatible with financial reporting structures for easy comparison.

Analyse and Predict

Combine wide and deep views to explore causality within your performance data.

By itself, Tensense Pulse provides clarity on what is driving real time business performance, allows the Executive Leadership to anticipate problems and opportunities and makes it that much easier to manage the unexpected.

When plugged in to any Business Intelligence or Digital Twin model, Tensense helps deliver connected, contextual, continuous human capital intelligence to improve forward modelling and decision-taking.

It helps the Executive Leaders see what is causing performance at either a business, division or team level, however their business reporting and financials are structured as well as what the gaps are to concentrate on to help ensure business success.

Graphic of a monitor, laptop, tablet and smartphone with data on and around all the screens

I usually hate these types of things… but this is different, this is game-changing.