Science-led technology for big picture thinking

Tensense is a new category of software that is revolutionising the way the C-Suite manage their business. Unlike overwhelming management reporting tools, Tensense uses Sensemaking principles to bring ‘just enough’ insight into the behaviours being displayed in the business that can be used to support effective analysis and decision-taking.

How does Tensense support CEOs?

A graphic of a circle with some data in it

Hear beyond your own echo chamber

Cut through the noise and get clarity about your business’s issues before they impact performance.

A graphic of a circle with some data in it

Simplify how you view performance

Complete the picture provided by your Business Intelligence, supported by advanced analytical functionality.

A graphic of a circle with some data in it

Get ahead of the unexpected

Understand your business so that you can manage ESG risks, maximise value and improve confidence.

How could you benefit from clearer, quicker insights into your business?

Why Sensemaking works

At Tensense, we’ve brought together science, technology and 20 years’ experience in business leadership to create a groundbreaking tool designed to help CEOs cut to the heart of business performance. Sensemaking principles are found throughout.

Put simply, Sensemaking is the way that we as humans process information to give meaning to the situations we face. Our brains constantly work to sift for clues from past experiences that help us understand the here and now and decide how to act. However, over-reliance on the past isn’t always healthy.

The same idea applies in a business context. Tensense software uses Organisational Sensemaking to help CEOs understand what is happening right now in their business. We provide just enough of the right intelligence that they can reduce their reliance on the past to take critical decisions in the present.

Tensense is:

  • Less complicated and more insightful than existing management data
  • Faster, less biased and more cost effective than human consultants

Tensense Pulse, our data collection and interpretation process, is designed to target the high-level insight needs of both business storytellers and ultimately the CEO and team. Here’s how it works…

Tensense Pulse

A graphic of a circle with some data in it

1. Measure

First, using instinct-led questions to gather insights from your people, Tensense quickly and easily takes the pulse of your business’s health and performance across a number of key topics.

Tensense uses a questioning system which harnesses the power of instinct. This isn’t an employee engagement exercise. Rather than assessing how your people feel in themselves, it’s about how they feel the company is doing and where management issues lie. This will give you a much richer sense of business performance than existing management data.

2. Analyse

Next the platform automatically aggregates and interprets the information, joining the dots to create a visual picture of what’s working and where potential problems might arise.

Individual pieces of feedback from your teams are only helpful to a degree. They are fragmented and need interpreting and that can only be done in context. For a true, focused picture, it’s essential to convert the signals into actionable insight.

Because Tensense is based on solid Sensemaking science, the platform can make connections between data sets to help paint a picture of what’s really going on in an organisation. This means that while the software is complex, the results it generates aren’t.

A graphic of a circle with some data in it
A graphic of a circle with some data in it

3. Report and Export

Finally the reporting function provides a clear, visual representation of how the business is performing in key areas as well as opportunities to dive deeper and explore issues.

Our unique graphical summaries provide an overview of the sixteen topics grouped into four key management areas that we know are essential to complement existing business data and help CEOs manage more effectively: Performance Energy, Culture Climate, Motivation and Team Attributes. Take a top level view or filter by input criteria such as department function, location or employee seniority to get deeper insights.

The straightforward written reporting function provides direction as to where key challenges and opportunities might lie. This gives CEOs a target area in which to look for ways to get ahead of potential problems and maximise opportunities, enabling them to make critical decisions faster.

Tensense results can also be plugged into any Business Intelligence tool to bring the human capital context to decision-taking and predicting future business outcomes.

Footdown's reporting lenses

Tensense Pulse reporting visuals

Each of our four graphical summaries provides a snapshot of the way that people in an organisation – or part of an organisation – perceive attitudes, behaviours, capabilities and resources clustered around the topics in that area.

performance energy icon

Performance Energy

Measures where people are contributing their energy

Every business goes through ups and downs. There are the building phases and the rise towards success, but success can also bring complacency which can lead to challenge, falling and eventually failing. This lens looks at how much energy is spent within the sweet spot of a successful organisation and how much energy is displaced by other activities.

A graphic of three people in a circle

Culture Climate

Measures the underlying values of the organisation

Is your business inward or outward facing? Is it regulated or adaptable? Are people focused on creativity, cooperation, organisation or results? You might have your own ideas, but the Culture Climate lens will give you a picture of where people on the ground believe your organisation’s values lie – and how well embedded they are within the business.

Motivation Icon Grey


Measures the balance of support and challenge that leaders provide to their people

A low expectation environment coupled with low levels of support breeds inertia, but up the expectations without upping the investment and you create anxiety. Where support exceeds expectation, however, complacency sets in. This lens will show you how close your leaders are to creating the environment that is fit for what you are trying to achieve as a business.

Team attributes Icon

Team Attributes

Measures how close people are to having the qualities needed to perform effectively together

High performing teams are built on clarity of purpose, strength of relationships, a focus on outcomes and adaptability of working practices. This lens uses on-the-ground insights to highlight how strongly each attribute is present in your organisation. It isn’t about whether teams are working well together but rather whether people have the necessary attributes to create effective teams.

The Tensense diagnostic is a superb tool for getting quickly to the heart of the matter and allowing us to have the kind of conversations we might not ordinarily have.