It’s all about climate…..

We all know how vital culture is to the success of our business. It is likely that leaders will need to start to think in terms of the cultural climate.

Testing for the immediate, emotional response of our people and teams can help identify the current climate of organisational culture.

The unique advantage of this approach is that leaders can leave the room and take actions that can have an immediate impact on the climate. Over time, and with the support of other colleagues also exercising the right disciplines, this will impact on the embedded culture but, in the meantime, it provides an action orientation for people to want to do the right things and produce that “collective spirit of endurance”.

3. How will your culture and identity change?
Perspective means the way an organization sees the world and itself. In all likelihood, your culture and identity will change as a result of the pandemic. A crisis can bring people together and facilitate a collective spirit of endurance — but it can also push people apart, with individuals distrusting one another and predominantly looking after themselves. It’s crucial to consider how your perspective might evolve. How prepared was your organization culturally to deal with the crisis? Will the ongoing situation bring your employees together or drive them apart? Will they see the organization differently when this is over? Your answers will inform what you can achieve when the pandemic ends.