Is your digital transformation on track for success?

In our rapidly changing world, digital transformation has stopped being something businesses ‘should do’ and has become an absolute necessity. Where technology once gave you an edge over your competitors, it is now a vital part of even the most basic day-to-day functioning.

Creating clarity at sprint pace

Digital transformation is complex, costly and can cause huge disruption. These projects are challenging to manage at the best of times. And with the impact of the pandemic having shaken the way we all do business, it’s even more important to get it right.

For CEOs this means being able to assess at a glance where a DX project is, what’s going well, where things might be veering off course and what needs to be done to ensure a successful outcome.

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End-to-end insights from the ground

Progress data exists but isn’t easy to come by in simple form. Usually it involves a roll up of project tracking tools from workstream leads that don’t take into account the views of all those across the business who are meant to be understanding the strategy or experiencing the change.

Tensense’s software gathers insights from the people on the ground who are best placed to see what’s really happening with a DX project. Using a 3-minute survey, you’ll be able to get an overview of every aspect from the strategy and leadership through culture and people to systems and execution.

Benefit from the power of Sensemaking

Grounded in science, our questioning, analysing and reporting system provides the breadth of insight that is needed to see the wood rather than the trees. CEOs can understand where a DX project stands, how successfully it’s progressing and where potential challenges might lie.

But it can also be set alongside existing project and wider management information, creating a nervous system that allows leaders to not only take the temperature of a project, but also show them the results in the context of where management issues or successes already lie.

Ultimately Tensense removes ambiguity and demystifies important organisational issues, delivering a fast, cost effective solution to the challenge of leading such a large and complex project.

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We regularly work with organisations that have thousands of employees. Tensense’s diagnostics solution has helped us to solicit the sentiment of an entire organisation, even if that’s tens or even hundreds of thousands of voices, in hours not days. We are so pleased with this solution, that it’s become an integral part of our approach.