Tensense Pulse User Privacy Q&A

Q. What data do you hold about me?

A. In working with Tensense, your organisation will provide us with your name, work email address and may provide organisation related demographic information about you, for example: your department, location, position / grade.

Q. How do you use this data?

A. Tensense will use this data to set up surveys on behalf of your organisation, contact you to collect your responses and report the findings back grouped according to demographics.

Q. How will the questions be asked?

A. You may receive you questions in a block or spread over a period. This depends on whether this is a single investigatory event or, more usually, an on-going program to keep an eye on the ‘pulse’ of the organisation.

Q. How will I receive the questions

A. You might get an email or an SMS message, containing a link to your personal browser page displaying your questions or, if your organisation is using a Collaborative tool like Slack or MS Teams, you would get the questions in your chat stream.

In practice, your organisation will have communicated to you, prior to the event or program commencing, telling you what they are doing, when it will start and the mechanics of communication.

Q. What questions will you ask me?

A. We will be asking you a series of questions about your opinion of the organisation you work for. Unlike an engagement survey, these questions are looking for your opinion of the day-to-day operations of your organisation.

The questions are deliberately binary (agree / disagree) to elicit your intuitive response, the survey is designed to take around 2 minutes to complete. If it takes much longer, you are probably over-thinking the question.

Q. What format are my responses shown in?

A. Tensense will collate your responses, along with those from your colleagues, and present these back to the organisation in heuristic (graphical) form, showing the trend of feeling across the organisation around a number of key topics like Culture, Commitment and Performance.

Q. Will my organisation be able to view my individual responses?

A. No. Firstly, when presenting the results back to an organisation Tensense does not share the responses to each individual question but instead from a collection of questions to form the graphical representation. Secondly, even within these graphical representations we will only show responses for groups of five colleagues or more.

Q. Is my data stored safely?

A. Yes, Tensense has the appropriate cloud security in place to ensure the safe keeping of your data, both in transit and at rest. For more information, please view our Security Statement.

Q. How long will you keep my information for?

A. Tensense is a Data Processor working under contract to your organisation. We retain the data as required by your organisation. In practice, links between your Id information and your responses are cut at the end of the survey. Your contact information is removed, at the latest, at the end of our contract with your organisation. The aggregated, abstracted and anonymised results are retained in the Tensense knowledge base permanently.

Q. Will you pass any of this information onto third parties?

A. No, we will never pass information about you to any third parties. We may allow our technology partners* to view a collection of anonymised results, but these would be anonymous in terms of both the organisation the data comes from and the individual contributors.

*Technology Partners refers to organisations Tensense partners with to conduct research and product development, as well as our licensed re-sellers. It does not include marketing partners and your information will not be passed on or used for marketing purposes.