The importance of feedback for authentic leadership

Authentic leadership……….how the world could do with a large dose of this! For leaders across the world, the ability to communicate effectively and pick up the signs and signals from across the business are critical. Encouraging people to offer unvarnished feedback, in the moment can make all the difference.

Humans have an innate ability to sense their immediate environment, internally and externally, rapidly responding to threat or opportunity through the receptors linked to their Central Nervous System (CNS). As technology has evolved, leaders now have access to software that mimics the CNS, referred to as an ‘business nervous system’ (BNS) for business. It can complement their inherent curiosity and commitment to hearing from deep within and at the edge of their organisations to make the critical decisions, faster. This approach has been evident in industries such as automotive, aviation and manufacturing. Early warning systems tell the driver, pilot or production manager via a dashboard of a potentially vulnerable mechanism before it causes irreparable damage to the car, plane or whole production line. The fusion of art and science, supporting the authentic leader.