Find out the real story, in real time.

Tensense is an Organisational Sensemaking™️ system for your business which means you can:

  • Foresee business risks 
  • Tap into human intuition at scale 
  • Uncover performance issues 
  • Intervene clearly and directly  
  • Improve operational efficiencies 

What makes Tensense unique!

Tensense provides that vital feedback


of barriers to success come from issues related to people and culture


of CEOs do not meet their objectives


of leaders feel their team is not focussed on work that is beneficial


of CEOs will struggle within the first 18 months of a new role

From firefight to foresight

By gathering the instinctive knowledge of your workforce, who know what’s happening on the ground, we provide crucial, real time performance data. Helping you approach complex decisions, in an uncertain world, with greater clarity and confidence.

Organisational Experience (OX) data integrates with performance metrics on your BI dashboard. You can quickly analyse, iterate and action to see which areas need focus now and identify issues long before they appear in traditional reporting data.

The results of Tensense

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Armstrong Watson


In a fast moving world, Leaders need

Surface Critical Insights

The underlying emotion and ‘story’ driving an organisation is critical to its performance. But large organisations have lost touch with their story over time.

Layers of process and management are no replacement. It’s increasingly difficult for leaders to walk the corridors and sense what is happening – resulting in many lost ‘water cooler’ moments.

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