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The right data, in the right place, in real time.. provides a unique combination of Sensemaking and Organisational Experience (OX) data collected regularly from your workforce, to give you measurable, actionable insights in real time. You can then quickly assimilate the story of what’s really happening in the organisation.

This analysis will detect unseen, emerging challenges in the organisation, so you can get ahead of them before they hit the bottom line. enable high performance leadership

By gathering the instinctive knowledge of the workforce, who know what’s happening on the ground, we give a crucial, real time OX data layer, helping you approach complex decisions with greater clarity and confidence.

OX data aligns with performance metrics on your BI dashboard in a way that is streamlined and seamless. You can quickly analyse, iterate and action to see which areas need focus now and identify issues long before they appear in traditional reporting data.

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Powerful insights to move from analytics to action

Surface Critical Insights

The underlying emotion and ‘story’ driving an organisation is critical to it’s performance. But large organisations have lost touch with their story over time.

Layers of process and management are no replacement. It’s increasingly difficult for leaders to walk the corridors and sense what is happening – resulting in many lost ‘water cooler’ moments.

Drive Business Performance

Tensense OX data uses Sensemaking to provide this lost insight, allowing you to see issues quickly and easily and join dots as to what is driving performance. This will enable focus, better decisions and earlier action.

Our pattern-matching engine uses the foundations of high performing organisations for its instant analysis, doing the rapid, analytical heavy lifting for you in real time so you know where you sit.

Single Source of Truth

Tensense software populates your BI dashboard, aligning with your financial performance data and other business metrics. This crucial data alignment completes the story of what’s going on in your business before any issues appear in historical reporting data as poor performance.

From the convenience of your dashboard you can see where things are not working well and where things which appear to be working may be under threat.  

This is by far the most impressive set of data on our company I have ever seen.

Customers with Tensense

Whose it for?

Growth – Rapidly growing organisations that don’t want to lose the essence of what made them successful

Change – Organisations going through transformation, change and M&A programs

Risk – Risk and governance teams in high-reliability organisations

‚ÄčHybrid working – environments, trying to harmonise the needs of the workforce with the needs of the organisation

Sales teams – those on the front line of revenue generation