Organisational Experience (OX) Data

Powerful insight to show you what’s coming

OX is the collective, instinctive, view of how the organisation feels about itself and how it is performing at the right granularity to inform complex senior level decisions.

At Tensense, we’ve brought together science, technology and 20 years experience in organisational leadership to create a groundbreaking OX tool that helps Executive Leaders cut to the heart of business performance. Identifying and monitoring previously unseen established and emerging trends provides a clear competitive advantage.

Why scan for OX data?

Within any organisation are hidden undercurrents of people’s unvoiced thoughts and concerns on the organisation’s performance, effectiveness and efficiency. These collective perceptions are a proven determinant of an organisation’s long-term fortunes.

Leaders know instinctively that there is a story – but may feel such insights are out of reach. Until now. By knowing where and how to look, that can be revealed. OX data analysis does the heavy lifting to provide a clear and provable window on the real story within your walls.

Unlock The Power Of Your Workforce


Sensemaking is the way that we as humans constantly process information to give meaning to the situations we face.


Our brains sift for clues from past experiences that help us understand the here and now in order to decide how to act. But, relying on the past often doesn’t help in new situations.


Tensense software uses Sensemaking to help you understand what is happening right now in your business and gain early sight of what’s coming. In a complex world, where decisions often depend on instinct, our data provides just enough of the right intelligence.


It reduces reliance on the past and on gut feel, so you take better decisions.