Nigel Hunton, CEO of Intevac Corporation, was appointed in January 2022 to transform the company and drive growth. Listen to how Tensense is a critical part of his strategy.

Intevac is ‘transformed’ with

Starting position

Tensense was commissioned to help Intevac’s newly appointed CEO identify the current state and health of the organisation.

In the first week of the incoming CEO taking up post, Tensense was able to help the CEO identify that the business was drastically underperforming;

Its employees were significantly disengaged and unmotivated

The organisational culture was toxic, and the leadership style present throughout the business was insufficient to turn the company around and return the company to a path of improved performance.

foresight requires hindsight


Twelve months on, Intevac is a completely different organisation.

Following intervention that saw a visionary strategy established, an overhaul of the organisational design and structure, sizeable investment in leadership development and definition and implementation of new company values and culture, Intevac has become a high performing company.

The company has been transformed. Its employees are highly engaged, its leaders are effective, and the organisational culture has become a key driver in company performance. All of which has resulted in increased revenues, enhanced innovation and product development and a notable increase in the company’s share price.

“The transformation of Intevac wouldn’t have been possible had Tensense not been able to tell me the extent of the challenges faced by the business and continually inform me of how we were progressing in turning the company around.

Tensense literally saved me time and money in getting me to the truth faster and rapidly advancing my decision making ability.”

Nigel Hunton, CEO