Sensemaking – Empowering Organizational Culture

Sensemaking – Empowering Organizational Culture

Over the last few months, I have had the chance to write blogs for Tensense. My background is within data and analytics, particularly in data literacy. As I travel the world, one key element is a consistent roadblock for data and analytical success: the people or culture of an organization. This isn’t necessarily said in a bad way but is a matter of fact. The reality is, as organizations are trying to develop a data-driven organization and to have people utilize and harness the power of data for decisions, they fall short. There are different reasons for this and one of those is the culture or people of the organization.

In my blog posts for Tensense, I have written on the digital landscape, driving true data and digital transformation, and data-driven culture. Now, let’s discuss a tool that can help empower you and your organization’s ability to succeed in these areas: and Organizational Experience data (OX).

As an organization looks to implement data and digital tools, one key thing they need to be aware of is not everyone has a background or the skill to succeed with these tools. This lack of ability, which may be hidden and not talked about, can hinder the organization’s ability to succeed. Through Tensense’s tool, an organization can now help drive better transformation by monitoring the organization and finding warning signs. From Tensense’s website, we read:

“OX is the collective, instinctive, view of how the organisation feels about itself and how it is performing at the right granularity to inform complex senior level decisions.

At Tensense, we’ve brought together science, technology and 20 years’ experience in organisational leadership to create a ground-breaking OX tool that helps Executive Leaders cut to the heart of business performance. Identifying and monitoring previously unseen established and emerging trends provides a clear competitive advantage.”

This is a key. How do you assess the temperature of an organization? Do you have a tool that does this? I am not talking a survey too. I am talking about a tool to truly help you understand your organization.

Why scan for OX data?

Within any organization are hidden undercurrents of people’s unvoiced thoughts and concerns on the organization’s performance, effectiveness and efficiency. These collective perceptions are a proven determinant of an organization’s long-term fortunes.

Leaders know instinctively that there is a story – but may feel such insights are out of reach. Until now. By knowing where and how to look, that can be revealed. OX data analysis does the heavy lifting to provide a clear and provable window on the real story within your walls.”

Whether you are implementing a new tool for digital or data transformation or whether you are running a data literacy program to help upskill the employees of your organization, whatever the case may be, the need to understand the temperature of the organization is needed. Utilizing OX data and getting ahead of issues may help you on your journey to success.

The reality is, organizations are not seeing the success in data and analytics that they desire. They can blame the tools and technology, but these may be working just fine. The issue may lie in the culture and people; not to place blame but to highlight the need to help the organization and culture understand what is happening. Then, using the data provided by the Sensemaking tool, organizations can make smart, data-driven decisions and move forwards.