Ambiguity is the Enemy of Execution

Ambiguity is the enemy of execution

Life is lived forward but has to be understood backwards. That is to say, understanding follows action – and this is the conundrum for leaders who need an increasingly rapid understanding of ‘what’s the story here?’ (hindsight) in order to improvise plausible foresight.

Using foresight rather than hindsight means leaders need to use all the resources available to them, and this means the intelligence and ability of their people through whose talents, opportunities and threats can be identified, communicated and acted upon. Knowing what and when it is right time to act is the holy grail of managers the world over.

The core purpose of the Tensense diagnostic is to provide leaders with accurate hindsight, in order that they can create intelligent foresight as they move their organisations forward (perching for purpose before resuming flight). This approach perfectly complements the needs of executives grappling with complex issues in complex environments and for whom ‘ambiguity is the enemy of execution’ (Stephen Kelly, former CEO Sage PLC).