What is Tensense?

Tensense is a business performance early warning system, identifying threats and opportunities, allowing for more confident decision making. Our unique combination of Sensemaking and Organisation Experience (OX) data, collected regularly from your workforce, gives you real time, actionable alerts.

What is Sensemaking?

Sensemaking is a scientific term that describes how people notice what is happening around them, derive meaning, make decisions and take actions.  By collecting this data (referred to as ‘OX data’), leaders are much better enabled to understand emerging threats and opportunities. This data is far more valuable than traditional management information, which is historic, because its presented in real time.

What is Organisation Experience (OX) data?

Organisation Experience is the collective, instinctive, view of your employees on how your organisation is performing.

How is the data collected?

We use a light touch questioning system which collects data from your people who know what is really happening in the organisation and where the issues lie. Data can be collected through enterprise collaboration tools such as MS Teams or Slack.

What does the data give me?

It gives you actionable alerts to growing threats and opportunities. Real time feedback means you can get ahead of the curve and take action quickly.  Think of it as a canary in the coal mine.

What are some examples of how companies have used the data?

A few examples of actions taken by our customers as a result of the data we’ve provided:

  • CEO closed a poor performing business area in Australia – Prometheus (global IT company)
  • Made the decision to cool on a merger opportunity with a NY company – Fandual (fantasy sport business)
  • Replaced a divisional leader –  Sys Group (UK technology)
  • Adapted acquisition strategy to maintain the company credability – Price Bailey (accountancy)
  • Maintained a transformational programme to restructure Europe – Roland (global music retail)
  • Focused on first order change (basic leadership and introducing values) before significant transformational change such as restructuring and reducing ranks – Cleveland Police
  • Re-emphasis and alignment of leadership activities to improve customer satisfaction rates – Vodafone
  • Enhanced communication and engagement with a country operation – Intevac (global semi-conductor business)
  • Celebrated the best in class set of Tensense results, with a determination to avoid complacency – Siolta (US pharma)
  • Adapted the annual employee engagement survey to tackle underlying performance issue – MOD
  • Aligned senior leaders to focus on team performance and well-being – Cabinet Office
  • Agreed a programme of work to establish a common purpose, specifically,  What is the direction of travel which aligns with our common purpose, what environment do we want to help shape the behaviours needed to underpin that common purpose, how are we going to lead people in a way that is consistent with our ambitions and the needs of our people – Wiggins (lawyers)
Who is it for?

The insight that Tensense provide is for any organisation looking to minimise risk and disruption.  But specifically, it is invaluable for companies experiencing:

  • high growth
  • change and transformation programs
  • mergers/acquisitions
  • managing large sales teams
  • hybrid working environments

How does Tensense differ from Employee Engagement Surveys?

This isn’t an employee engagement exercise. Organisation Experience data is insight from your people on what they know is happening, rather than their employment. This is real time data, a snapshot of how the business is performing. everyday.

Can I try it?

Yes, we are so confident that we will make a real difference to the way you manage your decision making that we will give you a free pilot program.  There is nothing to lose.  Just get in touch.