Science-led technology for better decisions

Predictive, Actionable Insights

With Tensense in the mix, decision-making becomes faster and lower risk.

Here’s how we do it…

1. Collect

Tensense uses a light touch questioning system which harnesses the power of instinct. Data can be collected through enterprise collaboration tools.

This isn’t an employee engagement exercise. Organisational Experience data is about how your people feel the company is doing and where management issues lie rather than their employment. This gives a much richer sense of business performance than existing management data.

2. Intepret

Next, the unique pattern-matching engine interprets the information, joining the dots to create a visual picture of what’s working and where potential problems might arise.

Because Tensense is based on solid Sensemaking science, the platform can make connections between data sets to show what’s really going on in an organisation. This means that while the software is complex, the results it generates aren’t.

3. Alert

The reporting function provides a clear, visual representation of how the business is performing in key areas as well as opportunities to dive deeper and explore issues.

Integrated into any BI dashboard, aligned with existing financial and performance data, the straightforward written reporting function provides alerts and direction as to where key challenges and opportunities might lie.

The Tensense Lenses – what will you discover?

Our analysis provides a high level overview of foundational management topics covering the whole organisation. Aligned with existing business data and data structures, the magic is the relationship between the patterns and what that can tell us about how your business is really performing.

Our unique graphical summaries provide an overview of the 16 topics grouped around four key management areas that show how people in an organisation perceive attitudes, behaviours, capabilities and resources:

  • Performance Energy
  • Culture Climate
  • Motivation
  • Team Attributes

Performance Energy

Measures where people are contributing their energy

Culture Climate

Measures the underlying values of the organisation


Measures the balance of support and challenge that leaders provide to their people

Team Attributes

Measures how close people are to having the qualities needed to perform effectively together

Take a top-level view or filter by input criteria such as department function, location or grade to get deeper insights. Interpretive written analysis comes from our algorithm, fed by a deep understanding of the management theories that make businesses successful.

Tensense aligns with financial information to show what is driving performance.

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