Science-led technology for better decisions

Predictive, Actionable Insights

Tensense Pulse collects knowhow from your workforce who really understand what is happening on the ground, interpreting and alerting you to issues in real time.

With Tensense in the mix, you can make decisions sooner – evidence about how the business is performing is available before you see poor performance in historical data.

A graphic of a circle with some data in it

1. Collect

Tensense uses a light touch questioning system which harnesses the power of instinct. This isn’t an employee engagement exercise. Rather than assessing how your people feel in themselves, it’s about how they feel the company is doing and where management issues lie. This will give you a much richer sense of business performance than existing management data alone.

The data can be collected through any Enterprise collaboration tool.

2. Interpret

Next the unique algorithm interprets the information, joining the dots to create a visual picture of what’s working and where potential problems might arise.

Because Tensense is based on solid Sensemaking science, the platform can make connections between data sets to help paint a picture of what’s really going on in an organisation. This means that while the software is complex, the results it generates aren’t.

A graphic of a circle with some data in it
A graphic of a circle with some data in it

3. Alert

The reporting function provides a clear, visual representation within your BI dashboard of how the business is performing, as well as opportunities to dive deeper and explore issues.

Tensense analysis provides a high-level overview of 16 management topics that cover the whole organisation. Our unique graphical summaries group these up into four key management areas that leaders should be tracking and acting on:

  • Performance Energy
  • Culture Climate
  • Motivation
  • Team Attributes

Integrated and aligned with existing financial and performance data, the straightforward narratives provide alerts and direction as to where key challenges and opportunities might lie.

The ‘secret sauce’ is the relationship between the patterns seen and what that can really tell us about how the business is performing.

The Tensense diagnostic is a superb tool for getting quickly to the heart of the matter and allowing us to have the kind of conversations we might not ordinarily have.