Announcing our new Channel Partner Programme

Announcing our new Channel Partner Programme

We’re pleased to announce the availability of our powerful consulting tool through our new Consultant Channel Partner Programme.

The tool and eQuip™ platform can now be licensed by Channel Partners through this new programme.

Consultants can rapidly and cost effectively evaluate an organisation’s health with Tensense. Employee sentiment is gathered anonymously via 16 simple questions that reveal what is really taking place on the ground.  Tensense automatically analyses the data and publishes the results to consultants via’s eQuip™ Data Analytics Platform. Read how Tensense helps Mark Simpson support his clients.

“Tensense enables Consultants to surface problems faster and provides hard data, not hunches, to Executives. The tool and platform have been developed and utilised internally for many years by Tensense; we are delighted to announce that consultants may now license our tool for use with their clients.” Mike Roe, CEO,

Tensense are pioneers in the science of Organisational Sensemaking.  The solution has been developed by Dr Mike Carter, the Chief Science Officer of Tensense. Read how using Tensense presents a fresh and innovative twist on the discovery phase used in consulting.

“Consultants may now license our simple solution that is based on complex science. Tensense does the heavy lifting and our platform equips consultants with hard-hitting monthly data and trend analysis ensuring client lock-in and on-going consulting revenues.” Dr Mike Carter, Chief Science Officer,

Matt Jenkins, Dream and Leap has contributed to the testing of our Partner Programme. You can see what Matt has to say about the difference using Tensense has made to his clients here.

“As somebody who supports leaders in navigating change, Tensense gets to the truth faster than anything that I’ve seen. But it also gives you the ability to dive into certain areas of an organisation to understand the nuance of what’s going on under the surface. There’s nothing like it that I’ve found on the market.”

Join our Consultant Channel Partner Programme and elevate your consulting services. Act now, empower your clients, and secure ongoing revenues.

To learn more about becoming a Tensense Channel Partner, please contact Mike Roe here.

Photo by Leyre Labarga on Unsplash