Water Cooler Moments

Water cooler gossip. Office banter. A quick yarn over a lunchtime pint.

If you miss the face-to-face chat between you and your colleagues, you’re not alone. 

Your business misses them too. 

Because it’s moments like these where we can gain invaluable insights into aspects of our business we may otherwise not touch, where we can find new ways to stay ahead, and where we can spot opportunities or threats that inform the decisions we make.

So, as we move into this new business age with a more dispersed workforce, we need to find new ways to listen to our employees, so as not to miss any casually voiced words of wisdom!

New technology will definitely help. Using software, like our bespoke Tensense Pulse, will become essential to generate real-time insights that can inform decision-making.

And of course, there’s always plenty of chat to be had on a casual Zoom coffee catch up, or a Teams chat. 

So take your water cooler with you, wherever you may go, and keep the chat alive!