Isle Utilities

“We can tackle challenges very quickly”

Tensense’s software solution has become an integral part of our business strategy. No organisation is perfect. Every company has things they need to work on and it’s a constant journey. You tackle one challenge and another one pops up. With Tensense we can tackle challenges very quickly and focus on the important things. The results are spectacular.


Fast-growing teams scattered across the world

Piers Clark, Chairman of Isle Utilities, has been working closely with Tensense for over nine years. The collaboration started when Piers was Commercial Director for Thames Water. When Piers set up his own company – Isle Utilities (now a leading technology and innovation consultancy specialising in water) due to time zones, efficient communication was becoming increasingly challenging the larger the business grew. Isle Utilities today is a large global company but still faces the same challenges of ensuring its teams across the world engage, collaborate and share common goals.


Revealing organisational health and understanding team drivers

From the outset, Piers has been deploying Tensense to gain insights into what drives, motivates and challenges his team. He is quickly able to surface cultural, performance and engagement issues that hinder communication and ultimately prevent Isle Utilities from achieving optimum performance and reaching its full potential.


Identifying critical priorities, implementing change and gaining the competitive edge

The data generated by Tensense enables Isle Utilities to identify which are the real issues that needed addressing, and which ones are less important than perhaps Piers and his management team might initially consider them to be.

In this way, the team is able to focus its attention and resources on the aspects that truly matter for Isle Utilities’ future development, performance and success. An ongoing strategy has been developed that regularly addresses all areas identified for improvement. Change is then implemented quickly across the organisation, resulting in better communication and collaboration among the workforce, an improved company culture, and more streamlined operations.