Media companies and hubris don’t make good bedfellows


Organisational Sensemaking
September 4, 2023

Media companies and hubris don’t make good bedfellows

The recent controversy surrounding Linus Tech Tips (LTT) serves as a stark reminder of the importance of leaders having the right tools and insights to make informed decisions, avoid reputational damage and respond effectively in times of crisis. The Forbes article on LTT highlights how quickly media companies can lose their standing when other media […] A consultant's view
July 15, 2023

A consultant’s view: why should I care?

As a consultant I am asked from time to time to explain what I do.  I usually reply, “do you want the standard or more memorable answer to that question?”   Most elect for the more memorable; to which I reply, “I am a child, an electrician, and a plumber.”   Expanding on this, I mean […]

Implementing a data culture
July 5, 2023

Make the office great again

It would be hard not to notice the drawn-out debate on working from home versus returning to the office or some hybrid mix of the two. There are countless articles justifying each approach. For their part companies are taking action.  Some like HSBC are embracing hybrid working and planning to move out of Canary Wharf […]

The challenge of transformation
June 15, 2023

The challenges of transformation

With the news that the UK has the lowest export growth in the G7 other than Japan, it is clear that UK business is suffering. This situation is confirmed by PwC’s CEO survey which found that 22% of UK CEOs believed that their current business model will not survive to 2030. PwC identify a wide […]

June 9, 2023

Tensense appoints Maureen Scott as new Head of Product to drive innovation is pleased to announce the appointment of Maureen Scott as the new Head of Product. With an impressive track record in product strategy, innovation, and market expansion, Maureen brings a wealth of experience to the role and will play a key role in driving the company’s future growth. Maureen joins Tensense with experience in […]

June 1, 2023

Charles Fallon Appointed to Lead is pleased to announce the appointment of Charles Fallon as its new Chairperson. Charles brings a wealth of experience and expertise, having previously held executive positions in several successful companies. His specialties include M&A and rapid growth/scale up for software and digital companies.   With over 35 years’ experience, Charles will lead this next exciting […]

Gen Z hybrid working
May 12, 2023

Keeping Gen Z happy

Judging by the profusion of articles on managing workers, particularly Gen Z, in this post pandemic period, it is clear that a universal solution has not been found. The recent article on warming to a 4 day week in Raconteur about a four day week pilot trial run over six months found that medium and […]

Decision making for CFOs
April 21, 2023

The science of decision making without numbers

iFD, a division of the Isosceles Finance Group, recently asked us to address an audience of CFOs. This is a group who largely rely on numerical data when it comes to decision making and this event was designed to introduce them to Organisational Sensemaking™. The session sparked a lot of discussion and interest from the […]

April 12, 2023

Is the CBI asleep at the wheel?

With the IMF predicting that the UK economy’s performance in 2023 will be the worst in the G20, even worse than Russia, now is a really bad time for the UK’s premier business organisation, the CBI, to be dealing with scandal. Since both the UK government and the Labour party have stopped meeting with the […]