Rethink and Improvise….

Technology is there to not only make life more efficient and effective, it also exists to help leaders ‘complete the picture’. ‘Big picture, not big data’ is the order of the day and leaders need to use technology to tap into the insights and ‘water cooler’ moments of all their people, wherever they are in the world.

Dr. Mike Carter has lectured and researched on ‘organisational sensemaking’ for years….

“what’s the story in this business, and what do I need to do next?”

Check out why he believes this thinking is crucial for leaders today.

Support and empower your human workers

Without technology, businesses would have been destroyed by the lockdown and the pandemic. Automating laborious administrative tasks gives everyone in your team more time to focus on solving problems and building relationships with candidates and customers – the value driver of your business. During the chaos of the early lockdown period, these efforts went to rapidly adapting the business to distributed operations, but now they can return to focusing on growth.

Learning new technology can be challenging, especially when there is so much else on our plates. It’s important that the C-suite leads by example on adopting new technology