Leaders need to understand their organisation’s “nervous system”

We ask a huge amount of leaders today. A bit like the highly qualified medical expert, we expect our leaders to be familiar with the organisation’s “nervous system”. To understand the connections and dependencies, to be able to quickly analyse and generate a prognosis across a myriad of potential issues and symptoms or be referred to an appropriate expert.  We are referred to and rely on subject matter experts and are provided with confidence as this happens as we trust their knowledge and experience to make the right decisions in our specific case.

The nervous system is the body’s main communication system; it gathers, synthesises, and uses data from the body and the environment to effect a bodily response. Without a nervous system, the body cannot function effectively. Structurally, the nervous system is a complex collection of nerves and specialised cells that transmit signals between different parts of the body, usually via the brain and spinal cord.

Complicated and complex….life in the medical world, with many similarities in the world of leadership and business where the environment and context can be equally as complex. 

Being able to quickly identify the cultural fit, the current performance of the business, the motivation and strength of our teams and the unvarnished truths that sit “deep” and at the “edge” of the organisation, will not only allow for the most appropriate appointment, but provide the critical insights and context to help leaders be successful. By being able to gather in real time the cues and clues from across the organisation, leaders will be able to make sense of their “Business Nervous System” and take the critical decisions, faster!