Two out of three don’t trust you!

Imagine if 2 out of every 3 people in your organisation don’t trust you as the senior leader!!! You would think that might warrant a crisis meeting of the senior leadership. This would appear to be the norm in many organisations. What an opportunity.

As this article below suggests, trust helps breed the appropriate culture and empowers and engages people to go above and beyond at a time when we all need to pull together.

However, we all need a bit of help. Leaders cannot be everywhere in their organisation, particularly now with a disparate workforce. They need to be able to reach deep into the organisation and at the edge, to hear, feel and respond to the feedback and concerns. 

Technology can help. A regular check-in with a tool that operates like a ‘business nervous system’ can do the heavy lifting and point leaders to the right place and the right issues, but, as Glassdoor points out, leaders then need to demonstrate curiosity and vulnerability to inspire people to continue to provide authentic feedback and involve them in the critical decision making of the business. Trust is a “contact sport” not an edict on a memo.

This is by far the most impressive set of data on our company I have ever seen.